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Teddy Roosevelt and Teengenerate, together at last. (personal project)



    Teddy Roosevelt and Teengenerate, together at last. (personal project)


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    There is a photo hanging in my childhood bedroom of me and a bunch of my high school friends on the Tower of Terror, faces frozen in theatrical screams, and seated in the front there is a young boy looking at his father with what we later, laughing, identified as “not Roller Coaster Terror, but real, genuine terror.” There is a story among my college friends about the first time we watched Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves, during the final 20 minutes or so in spite of myself I started sobbing uncontrollably, not the accepted way people cry when they’re watching a sad movie but something louder and uglier and a little too real. The last 20 minutes of this movie are magical, terrible, miraculous; you already know this you’ve seen it. I don’t even want to try and approach it with words in case you haven’t. Instead I’ll say that my early twenties were defined by these constant and sort of manic oscillations between wanting to make movies and very melodramatically losing faith in wanting to make movies and then suddenly, powerfully reconnecting with that faith, usually through movies that took up questions about a particular kind of faith that was of little use to me anymore. Before that night I was all about Bresson and Dreyer but by the next day I was calling Breaking the Waves one of my favorite movies of all time. When it was over I felt some kind of holy combination of humiliated and exalted and cleansed.

    Last night I watched this movie for only the second time. I stayed at home alone on a Saturday night to watch it and reverentially turned off all the lights and loud appliances. I think I’d been terrified to revisit it, because I was afraid it wouldn’t have that same effect on me again, and that that would say something important and definitive and depressing about a dwindling ability to focus or connect or feel. I felt a kind of performance anxiety as I loaded up the Roku. Technology has progressed in the six years since that night my friends and I had first watched Breaking the Waves (on an out-of-print DVD checked out from our college library) but not exactly in ways that make a viewing experience more immersive. The Wifi giveth and the Wifi taketh away. For the first forty-five minutes or so, the picture kept breaking up and Hulu Plus would return to the purgatory of the lime green progress bar and I would get angry and check my phone to take my mind off being angry; at one point the screen just inexplicably went to black. I started worrying that I wasn’t connecting with it in the same way, and that my worrying about it was sabotaging my ability to do so. But then it played on uninterrupted for the last hour and a half, and the spell it cast on me was so identical to the one it did when I was 21 that it freaked me out a little. “I could write an entire fucking thesis on this movie,” I caught myself thinking, because I once again felt that young. Then came the last 20 minutes, and by the part where the young, sandy-haired doctor tells the judge, “Instead of writing ‘neurotic’ or ‘psychotic,’ I might just use a word like… good,” I was crying so hard that I mistook a knock at an adjacent door as one of my neighbors asking me to keep it down; real, loud, ugly tears, only slightly diminished by the fact that I am coming here to tell you about them.

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I feel like he&#8217;s overselling himself a bit.


    (via berliozian)

    I feel like he’s overselling himself a bit.

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    Two wars, two veterans, both homeless. Henry Addington, 67, served with the Navy in Vietnam and Dan Martin, 29, was a medic in Afghanistan.

    If you ask them, homeless veterans might tell you they only have a vague idea of what they look like, or how they got to where they are. At least that was true of the few we met in San Diego.

    There are about 50,000 homeless vets in the U.S., according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who have struggled with drug use or mental illness, unemployment or criminal records — or any number of things.

    NPR spoke with Henry, Dan and 7 other veterans in a pop-up portrait studio at Stand Down San Diego. Find out what they had to say.

  5. I am not a memorabilia collector by any means but I would totally bid the hell out of a number of the lots at the Waylon Jennings auction, in particular this bigass portrait of Waylon and Jessi.

    I am not a memorabilia collector by any means but I would totally bid the hell out of a number of the lots at the Waylon Jennings auction, in particular this bigass portrait of Waylon and Jessi.

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    So far today

    Tumblr has suggested I follow Personhood USA and someone who appears to have Alex Jones/Prison Planet aspirations.

    I have nothing to add to that. I’ve just been holed up in my house for three days and I have no one else to complain to. 

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    "I am absolutely *not* ashamed to say that 17 year old me had his senior photo taken in an exact replica of the cover to ‘Tender Prey.’ Black jacket, red shirt, hand through my all-one-length dyed-black hair. Not a single person in my graduating class noticed (or cared, it was a small Oregon cowtown, May of ‘90) but I looooove hauling it out and looking at young has literate-ambitions-me."

    —A commenter on the AV Club.

    This is the greatest thing I have seen all day. 

    For a short while I too modeled my wardrobe on Tender-Prey-era Nick Cave (which is still my favorite Nick Cave). I even had the slick red button-down shirt. The awkward part was being a short, chubby girl. 

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    So let me get this straight: Somehow the cops arrest someone, neglect to frisk him, and then he performs amazing acrobatic feats in the back of the patrol car, before engaging in a gunfight with said cops, who kill him in self defense.


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    Currently listening to this Science Friday segment about peacock spiders’ mating rituals which is fascinating for so many reasons not least of which is the fact that there is a species called SPARKLEMUFFIN. 

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    Attempting to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window got Killeen, Texas, Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie shot in the face and killed last May. It was yet another SWAT raid organized for a purpose other than the reason they were invented. The police had a search warrant looking for narcotics at the home of Marvin Louis Guy, 49. They decided to serve this warrant at 5:30 in the morning and without knocking on his door. He opened fire on them, killing Dinwiddie and injuring three others.

    Who wants to guess whether Guy — who is now in prison for the shooting only, since there were no drugs found during the raid — is black or white?

    If you’re interested in contrast, here’s the last post I wrote about someone shooting an “intruder” … where no charges have been filed.

    Burn it all down. To the ground.