1. Crews, a Georgia native, really focuses more on capturing a rattlesnake than on cooking it. He calls for driving the serpent from its nest on a cold day by blowing gasoline through a hose into a gopher hole and then toting the snake home in a burlap sack while trying to avoid being bitten. Maybe wild-caught snakes would be gamier, more like alligator or crawdad than tough, chewy fish. They would, at the very least, make for a much more exciting meal.

    Maud had us over a few weeks ago for dinner — an experimental foray into “wild game” territory for her excellent story in this week’s NYTM. Everyone present agreed that rattlesnake, sadly, was sorely lacking in the flavor, meat-to-bone ratio, and ease-of-ingestion categories. God bless Harry Crews (one of my favorite authors, and one of the many subjects Maud and I first bonded over when we met nearly nine years ago) but I’m not sure I’ll be taking any food or beverage recommendations from him in the future.

    The unfortunate constraints of the subject matter in Maud’s piece, however, didn’t allow for mention of the absolutely outstanding fried okra and cornbread she made as the accompaniment to the rattlesnake. I wish I had some of both now.

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