1. But we’re talking about SST, one of the greatest labels ever. I can’t get over the fact of how it was run into the ground, how the majority of the bands on the label couldn’t wait to get off. We’re looking at this slogan “Corporate Rock Still Sucks,” right, and so does a lot of indie rock, along with a lot of the labels and what I equate it to is ‘Well, you know, there’s all of these people running around at all these major labels and they’re just gonna fuck you over and they’re just fucking everybody over.” Yeah, but it’s like, “I’m not a homosexual. I like my sex straight. But if I’m gonna get fucked in the ass, I am gonna get fucked in the ass by the big dick that’s greased and lubed. I don’t wanna get fucked in the ass by some slimy, creepy, skuzzy, sweaty, unshaven guy that’s sitting in a garage somewhere peddling these bands.” That all of a sudden has become not worth listening to.
    — This Q&A with Keith Morris is …illuminating. For example, did you know Chuck Biscuits was asked to join Loverboy?
    1. rendit said: Off is pretty much punk rock “Hey kids, remember the ’80s?” hucksterism, though, so ok.
    2. artyucko said: SWA was pretty fucking terrible though.
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