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    We’ve joked in the past about how often Tumblr has served us up a big ol’ slice of error page (we jest in love! and just because we miss y’all so much when we can’t get to you!).

    Matthew Inman, author/illustrator of webcomic The Oatmeal, did us one better: He created a new error page, featuring green mutant critters chomping on servers. We reblogged it, as did many Tumblrites. And in its infinite wisdom, Tumblr adopted the little monsters for its official

    Every time you decide to share some tepidly funny infographic from the Oatmeal, remember this:

    He’s not just any sleazy SEO “genius” astroturfing every possible social site — he’s a founder of the insidious SEO software company, SEOmoz.

    Even better? He runs two other websites that make fun of people for the way they look.

    Oh, and also? He thinks dehumanizing sex workers is hilarious.

    So you know what? Fuck you, Oatmeal guy. AND NO FUCKING CLICKTHROUGH LINKS FOR YOU, fucko.

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