1. My friend Phil Campbell began organizing the International Phil Campbell Convention (to be held in Phil Campbell, AL) months ago, well before the tornadoes. The event was supposed to occur in June during the town’s 100th anniversary, but now — in response to the devastation and aftermath of the storms — it’s going to be a fundraiser and hands-on rebuilding mission. Phil, Phyllis, Felipe Campbells from all over the world will be going to Phil Campbell, AL, to help them rebuild. But they need your help. To wit:

    Phil Campbells will visit Phil Campbell, Alabama on June 17th and 18th, the dates for the town’s anniversary celebrations, which the town is resolute to continue. The Phil Campbells do as a show of solidarity with the town; they will also lend a hand with any volunteer work the town needs.

    We Phil Campbells are working together as a group. Phillip Campbell of Birmingham, Alabama is visiting Phil Campbell ahead of the group, taking with him a stack of donated Wal-Mart gift cards. Phil Campbell of Darlington, South Carolina is coordinating our hotel reservations in anticipation of our June visit. Philip Campbell of Nottingham, England and Phil Campbell of Bendigo, Australia have provided crucial online media assistance. And Phil Campbell of Bowral, Australia is offering his veteran advice in emergency response services.

    If you haven’t already donated money to the victims of this natural disaster, please consider donating to this — a truly grassroots endeavor.

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    2. dansolomon said: Thanks for sharing this. I love every inch of it. Just pitched the idea to an editor I know to try to spread the word. (My fee, naturally, will be going to the Phil fund, in the spirit of good taste.)
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