1. So, I’m reading this CultureMap Austin roundup of the most “motivational” quotes from the Texas Conference for Women in Austin this week. Some of the choice selections:

    “Women have a graduate degree in taking things personally.”

    “Men don’t know how to see the leadership potential in women, so deliver it — don’t make them guess.”

    “[For a happier home] get more sleep, make your bed and establish a kissing schedule.”

    Weirdly, I don’t find these “motivational” so much as “patently offensive, patronizing and stupid.” My vagina doesn’t make me take things personally, it’s not on me to fix men who can’t see the value in female humans, and the last thing I want is to badger my partner into kissing me at pre-determined intervals. But the official “host” of the conference was Anita Perry, so there you go.