1. Sadly, the controversy surrounding this show may mean that there will no longer be punk, hardcore or metal shows at the venue anymore. Haines says Coco66 has decided that in the future, they will only have EDM, folk and alternative bands. “We can’t take any chances from now on,” he said.
    Wait no bring back the WP bands
  2. You are probably wondering aloud to your flatmate, I wonder what his girlfriend will think when she reads this! The answer is, she will realize I am the finest writer of my generation….I do not like knowing these hard stories, even if it is about a person I care so much for. But I would like them a lot less if I was the one telling them. I know we can’t forget what happened to us, even if a choice made now, today, projects itself backwards to change our past actions as Milosz wrote. From that vantage the past is as nebulous and alterable as the present. Taking the next logical leap, it means that the present is as fixed as what preceded it.
    — Sorry, is this a real thing written by a real live person? Or some sort of Turing Machine that spits out fatuous, pretentious blather instead of numbers?
  3. Why won’t Richard Dawkins just go the fuck away and shut up forever?

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    Black protesters telling off white agitators. (x)

    I know who this guy is
    He’s one of the bob avakian followers from the revolutionary communist bookstore I interned at. They’re all like…old white ppl who love agitating police in the name of communist revoltion. Fucking assholes obsessed with promoting their brand.

    Why am I not surprised. What has everyone been saying about these garbage white “revolutionaries.” You’ve got anarchists and the RCP (and possibly the KKK) trying to weaponise protesters and incite an all-out confrontation on one end, and then the police who are just looking for an excuse and are already provocative enough on their own.

    It all must be a game to them, or an exercise in abstraction. Because I know they must be aware at least subconsciously that they are in little danger of retaliation. If they are hurt, it would be circumstantial or accidental; the black citizens would be brutalised.

    "They’re hurting our kids," the white man tells the Black man. No, they aren’t hurting white kids. White people need to have a seat.

    JFC these old white dudes are also the same people funding Stop Patriarchy. White people. Fart noise.

  5. Oh ha MRAs don’t give a shit about Mike Brown. Here is my best look of surprise.

  6. The first time that Stop Patriarchy contacted us was when they’d already set up their campaign and asked us to re-tweet about it. But a few things rubbed us the wrong way: They seemed to be saying that organizations in Texas weren’t changing the needle on the ground. Then, they came into our wheelhouse, with fundraising. They said that if you donate a thousand dollars, we’ll let you put your name on someone’s abortion. That’s offensive. Our supporters started saying, ‘Why are you acting like no one’s funding abortions in Texas?’ They raised $32,000 on their Indiegogo campaign. What the Lilith Fund could do with that money.
  7. According to their own explanation for their fundraising goals, Stop Patriarchy is using the $32,000 they have raised to pay for travel and housing for those coming into Texas to protest lack of abortion access.

    Imagine what $32,000 could mean for Texans trying desperately to access abortion services if it were donated directly to organizations like Fund Texas Women or The Lilith Fund.

    Donating the money raised off of highlighting the issues faced in Texas to organizations that help directly connect people with abortion services would impact the state in ways that would far outlast any recognition of the protests and actions accompanying Stop Patriarchy’s freedom ride, but that does not seem to be what they are truly invested in.

    If Stop Patriarchy truly wanted to help Texans, they would donate their $32,000 to organizations that are providing abortion care in Texas — not use it on their own self-promotion.

  8. “He is unfortunately not alone in a crowded field of New York officials who are willing to sell out their offices for self-enrichment.”
    Whoohoo! Off you go, wizard.
  9. The fundamental beliefs underlying Stop Patriarchy belittle and disenfranchise all who have not “come around” to their revolutionary communist agenda. They use broad brush progressive language to lure in the inattentive, while doing active harm in the communities they purport to help.
    Read this whole letter, right now. Fuck Stop Patriarchy.
  10. I’ve kept my mouth at least partially shut on Stop Patriarchy for quite some time, mostly due to my not wanting to confuse my opposition to their tactics, tone-deafness and co-opting style with an opposition to their position on abortion availability. I am, absolutely, without exception, all in favor of abortion on demand. State funded, in fact. However. Fuck Stop Patriarchy.
    Thank you, Katie Klabusich, for putting into words and rationale what I have only been able to put into unhinged, unsuppressed vitriol.