1. 22:26 14th Sep 2012

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    The original hanky code.
(via The language of the Handkerchief - SamPratt.com)
  2. 13:26 16th Jul 2012

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    Innocent when you dream

    Setting: 8:30am, our rapidly-heating-up apartment

    N: Ugh, I’m already sweating. Do you have an extra handkerchief I can borrow?

    Me, hesitates, looking through dresser drawer: Well. I have this yellow one.

    N: Perfect.

    Me: Just…don’t let it stick too far out of your pocket.

    N: Why? Because it’s silly looking?

    Me: No, because it’s yellow.

    N: So?


    N: What? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Me: It’s real. [Brief explanation.]

    N: WHAT? That sounds apocryphal.

    Me: Fine, don’t believe me. Look it up on Wikipedia.

    N: Whatever, dude.

    Me: Just keep it in your left pocket, okay? It’s…better that way.