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    Waylon Jennings - Rock, Salt & Nails

    I dunno what got me to Rock, Salt & Nails today. Whoever really knows with my rabbit hole style methods, but I found it nevertheless. 

    Singer of Sad Songs is from Waylon’s pre-outlaw years, but it has elements of what’s to come. Planting seeds, if you will. What distinguished the Outlaw Movement from the rest of country music from that era was the willingness to give the establishment the ol’ heave ho; a rejection of Nashville production that gave it the Sound that filled country radio. 

    To that end, Singer of Sad Songs is the start of that process. Waylon recorded the album, minus the title track, in LA not Nashville and he dumped his producer in favor of Lee Hazlewood (you know…goddamned LEE HAZLEWOOD!)

    An hour ago, the details of this album were unknown to me and I only did the deep dive because my ears perked up when I thought I heard Waylon duetting with Lee on this track. Sure enough…

    Learn somethin’ new every day. 

    Never heard this one before either.

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