1. At Mother Jones:

    Gov. Rick Perry did not take swift action to address the problem, which his office knew about for years. Allegations of systematic mistreatment at TYC facilities first came to the Governor’s desk in 2001, when then-Rep. Dick Armey (R-Texas) forwarded along a complaint that his office had received. That was six years before media coverage of the conditions in juvenile detention centers launched a public scandal. And critics of Perry, who is now a frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, point out that he received tens of thousands of dollars from lobbyists and executives for a firm tied to some of the worst abuses.

  2. From JDI:

    TAKE ACTION: Tell the Department of Justice to adopt strong national standards addressing sexual abuse in detention.

    Right now, you can help make sure that the Department of Justice protects all people behind bars from the pain and trauma of sexual abuse. The Department has released proposed national standards addressing sexual abuse in detention, and is accepting public comments until April 4, 2011.

    The proposed standards include basic measures for prisons and jails to follow in order to prevent and respond to sexual abuse. You can read the standards here.

  3. "I spent well over a year trying to get protection by writing to officials," he said. "My efforts to report were mostly fruitless — and often put me at greater risk. Because I am openly gay, officials blamed me for the attacks. They said as a homosexual I should expect to be targeted by one gang or another."

    ….”In Colorado, corrections officers labeled openly gay people as troublemakers,” he says. “You can’t believe them, they get in relationships and then claim rape — and so on. The message goes out to the inmate population that these are people to victimize because they already have a bad reputation among staff, and nobody’s going to believe them.”