1. Sadly, the controversy surrounding this show may mean that there will no longer be punk, hardcore or metal shows at the venue anymore. Haines says Coco66 has decided that in the future, they will only have EDM, folk and alternative bands. “We can’t take any chances from now on,” he said.
    Wait no bring back the WP bands
  2. Oh ha MRAs don’t give a shit about Mike Brown. Here is my best look of surprise.

  3. “He is unfortunately not alone in a crowded field of New York officials who are willing to sell out their offices for self-enrichment.”
    Whoohoo! Off you go, wizard.
  4. This is an example of my concern with the new gun law that people will take the law into their own hands which we will not tolerate.
    — First day of new gun law leads to arrest
  5. Irin Carmon is probably one of my favorite journalists at the moment, possibly forever.

    (If you’ve noticed a paucity in content here, consider that it might be because I’ve been sending out press releases, fielding calls from reporters, shouting at white men in the subway for minor infractions, and/or plotting grand-scale revenge.)

  6. “The Wilks brothers worry that America’s declining morals will especially hurt the younger generation, so they’re using the riches that the Lord has blessed them with to back specific goals.” One of those goals may be David Lane’s insistence that politicians make the Bible a primary textbook in public schools.
  7. The report’s demise was an unfortunate loss for all levels of law enforcement. Since its release, credible plots and attacks by violent extremists have surged. As the report forewarned, responsibility for the vast majority of these events lies with far-right individual extremists and extreme groups. Moreover, veteran and active-duty military personnel, when compared to the general population, were disproportionally involved in far-right extremist incidents. In just the first two months following the report, significant attacks occurred via the hands of major components of far-right extremism. For example, in May 2009, a “soldier” in the Christian terrorist anti-abortion network Army of God assassinated Kansas late-term abortion provider George Tiller. One day earlier, members of an anti-immigrant vigilante group—the Minutemen American Defense—invaded the home of an Arizona Latino and his 9-year-old daughter. Both were killed as part of a plan aimed at securing money to fund the group’s anti-immigrant terrorist operations. Less than two weeks later an octogenarian white supremacist shot and killed a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  8. Much as the phrase “eat shit and die” keeps running through my mind as a response to the WaPo story, I wonder: How much excrement can one consume before expiring? I invite the authors of the original article, and Adam “My Bad” Kushner, to experiment with that.


  10. Though on any given day, fewer than 1,800 registered members log on to Stormfront, and less than half of the site’s visitors even reside in the United States, a two-year study by the Intelligence Report shows that registered Stormfront users have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most lethal hate crimes and mass killings since the site was put up in 1995. In the past five years alone, Stormfront members have murdered close to 100 people. The Report’s research shows that Stormfront’s bias-related murder rate began to accelerate rapidly in early 2009, after Barack Obama became the nation’s first black president.
    Elliott Rodger was a “wound collector,” too.